July Monthly Call: Youth!

MCLD is committed to powerfully including youth in our Movement. This month we heard from three youth Movement members on how youth are shifting the power across the globe. We also heard from our chapters as they prepare for International Youth Day (August 12).


Left to Right: Alexandre Agbozoh-Guidih (Togo), Gloria Legorreta (Mexico), and Matte Jockas (Uganda). 

Speakers Alexandre Agbozoh-Guidih (Journalist and National Representative of the International Network of Young Francophone Leaders (RIJLF) Togo Office), Gloria Legorreta (Oaxaca Regional Coordinator, The Hunger Project Mexico), and Matte Jockas (Executive Director, Wilmat Development Foundation) encouraged participants to look beyond the International Youth Day to everyday ways that we can escalate the role of youth in our organizations and in development. 

Our members came together to brainstorm all the ways we can leverage the upcoming International Youth Day on August 12 and then onto the UN Education Summit on September 19.