Co-creating the future of MCLD — November 30, 2022 Global Zoom Call

As CLD gains traction with policy makers, we have new opportunities for impact and influence that surpass our current structure and budget. This month’s call was to launch a global process to create a new organizational structure!

This call followed up a workshop in early October, at which representative subgroup of MCLD leaders and outside network weavers came together to explore principles for a new global structure. Some of these include:

  • A “Network of Networks” model without a traditional headquarters
  • Broader co-creation and ownership
  • Majority world (global south) leadership in a global, democratic decision-making body
  • Shared services that country groups request
  • A menu of possible national structures – not one size fits all – but with a shared constitution of key principles.
  • Continued strong financial support from THP as well as from many more funders

Our overall goal is to fully establish a new values based organizational structure that is inclusive, equitable, accountable, transparent, and fundable at much higher levels by the end of 2023. 

We encourage your leadership and participation in the process. We are designing an outreach conversation for co-creation of this future with members and other stakeholders.

You will start to notice a few changes on the website and in the emails starting this month:

  • Some of you have requested we stop using the word “chapters” as it implies a hub-and-spoke model – so that part of the website will be labeled Countries
  • Members based in the US currently labeled “Global” will be members of MCLD-US, under the Americas (or in their respective countries)
  • Secretariat staff will begin doing MCLD work using emails, although our emails will continue to work
  • We would like to be transparent and collaborative in this journey. Therefore, you will notice that the announcement of our transition plans, the invitation to collaborate as well as updates on how we will do so will now be on our website.