(Un)Learning Labs: Community-led Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning

Session 5 – May 2024

This fifth call of the (Un)Learning Labs on CoMEL looked at data collection processes from a community-led lens. It was facilitated by our colleagues from Outreach Philippines Inc. and Outreach International

French Audio:

Session 4 – March 2024

Ronald Kimambo (Firelight Foundation) and Given Hapunda (Impact Managers & University of Zambia) facilitated a session on Learning Questions and Indicators with support from Kevin Obura (Firelight Foundation) and Justin Chimangeni (GASO Malawi).

Session 3 – September 2023

 Sylvia Hernandez and Steve Ogutu facilitated session three of the (Un)Learning Labs series on MEL. This time, we delved into how to craft a theory of change.

Session 2 – June 2023

In the second session of MCLDs (Un)Learning Labs, we unpacked the shift from MEL to Community-led MEL:

Session 1 – May 2023:

Pablo Sanchez and Francis Osei-Mesah from The Hunger Project facilitated a MEL 101 session for the next (Un)Learning Labs.

This session is part of MCLD’s (Un)Learning Labs. For the next several months, we will be questioning some of our existing notions of monitoring and evaluation, why we do it, how we do it, and for whom. At the same time, we will strengthen our capacities to support Community-led monitoring and evaluation through peer learning and proximate capacity strengthening over a number of focused sessions covering aspects ranging from framing a theory of change with communities to data collection, analysis, validation, and reporting back.

In this first session, we unpacked some basic concepts in monitoring and evaluation for organizations and members who do not have dedicated MEL staff, are less familiar with some of the technical jargon that accompanies MEL, or just want to be part of the journey from the start.

Featured Photo: Guthyamma in Shivamogga District, Karnataka India, 2020. Photo by Sujata Khanna for The Hunger Project