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December, 2021 – This has been an extraordinarily productive period, as MCLD provided input the Democracy and Nutrition Summits and USAID’s new Local Capacity Development Policy, strengthened our stand for Climate Action and began developing ambitious national chapter strategies for 2022.

  • Why CLD?

    Why CLD?

  • Celebrating Women and the Environment in Benin

    Celebrating Women and the Environment in Benin

    Some 100 women celebrated International Women’s Day in forest — emphasizing the importance of gender equality to environmental sustainability. The event was organized by the the national women’s association and The Hunger Project, and it received coverage (below) in the national media.

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  • Challenges to #ShiftThePower

    Challenges to #ShiftThePower

    Power dynamics within the development sector have been under scrutiny for years and advocates for change have long called for the decolonization of aid. The emergence of movements for shifting the power calling for community-led development and local ownership has breathed new life into the debate. However, little progress has been made in changing deep-rooted structural inequalities. We partnered with The Hunger Project Sweden to co-host a […]

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  • MCLD-Kenya and County Government of Makueni move to deepen CLD

    MCLD-Kenya and County Government of Makueni move to deepen CLD

    The Movement for Community-led Development (MCLD) and County Government of Makueni (CGM) held a joint workshop (February 28-March 1,2022) to develop an annual workplan to implement the memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed between MCLD and CGM on September 30 2021. Through this collaboration, MCLD will strengthen the capacity of the county to upscale its community-led […]

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  • Strengthening Community Resilience and Gender Equity

    Strengthening Community Resilience and Gender Equity

    In preparation for International Women’s Day (March 8th), February’s Global Monthly Call focused on two of our five Movement goals – Voice for women in decision making and strengthening community resilience to climate change and other shocks.  Panelists: Danielle Jolicoeur, Global Resilience Director, Mercy Corps  Samuel Mutambo, National Program Director THP Zambia & MCLD Zambia […]

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  • Special Monitoring Workshop with ITPC

    Special Monitoring Workshop with ITPC

    Community-led Monitoring puts community members in the driver’s seat of bringing about change. In this workshop, the International Treatment Preparedness Coalition shared their methodology on conducting effective Community-led Monitoring. We started with the principles of Community-led Monitoring and then look at successful examples of how it can be done in different countries and contexts through breakout groups. The group then concluded the […]

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  • Watch! #ShiftThePower means #ShiftTheMoney!

    Watch! #ShiftThePower means #ShiftTheMoney!

    Today, MCLD hosted our Side Event for the UN Commission on Social Development on Financing Community-led Action for Inclusive, Resilient Post-Covid-19 Recovery. Resilience is inherently a community-level attribute as community leaders are always the first responders to any shock. Yet, many local governments in low-income countries and community-based organizations lack any reliable source for core […]

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  • The Pandemic & Gender-Based Violence

    The Pandemic & Gender-Based Violence

    We opened 2022 with the 15th call in our Adapting CLD Processes to COVID-19 series. This time, we talked about gender-based violence, which is something our participants had asked to discuss at the end of last year. We heard from our colleagues around the world on how the pandemic augmented gender-based violence, how organizations have […]

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  • National Chapters Develop Strategies for 2022

    National Chapters Develop Strategies for 2022

    December 15, 2021 – At its last monthly meeting of 2021, members from around the world heard from experts on key priorities for 2022 and discussed the “three pillars” of their strategies for 2022.

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