Pandemics, Environment, and Communities

Moderators Gunjan Veda, Movement for Community-Led DevelopmentNelly Mecklenburg, Institute for State Effectiveness Keynote Speakers David Bonnardeaux, Director of Environment, Pact Neil Vora, Pandemic Prevention Fellow, Conservation InternationalJanet Edmond, Senior Director for Peace and Development Partnerships, Conservation International

Adapting CLD processes to continue through COVID-19

The 10th call in the Adapting CLD Programming to COVID-19 series marked a year (or more) of lockdowns in many parts of the world. The pandemic has forced organizations to pivot their programming and priorities - beyond just the immediate needs and response to the pandemic. During the call, participants heard from organizational representatives and … Continue reading Adapting CLD processes to continue through COVID-19

Co-creating 2021

December’s global call by the Movement for Community-Led Development provided our movement members and national chapter leaders with the opportunity to reflect on 2020 and think collaboratively towards co-creating 2021. As Raj Kuman recently said, 2020 may have set back development by a decade, but it also accelerated the transformation of development by a decade. … Continue reading Co-creating 2021