Youth For Growth

The Chicago Council on Global Affairs convened Global Food Security Symposium from March 21-22, 2018. The theme of this year symposium was Youth for Growth. The symposium was officially started with the opening remark by Ivo Daalder, President of the Chicago Council. The President reminded that the council has convened the symposium since 2010 with the purpose to … Continue reading Youth For Growth

Decentralization, Health System and Gender Issues in Zambia

The Decentralisation Policy: In 2003, the Government launched the National Decentralisation Policy, which aims at devolving specified functions and authority, with matching resources, to local authorities at a district level. Under this environment, the role of the center would be to provide policy, strategic guidelines, overall coordination, monitoring, and evaluation while implementation and supervision of … Continue reading Decentralization, Health System and Gender Issues in Zambia

Community-Led Development and Its Rationale

  Patriarchy and ‘’top-down’’ development approaches have resulted in little or no change to the poor in the bottom. Instead of focusing on what strengths, assets, and capacities the communities possess, the approach solely has been trying to address the gaps and vulnerabilities without working to utilize or build upon the strengths. As a result, … Continue reading Community-Led Development and Its Rationale

Citizens’ Charter Afghanistan Project (CCAP)

Photo: World Bank Developing countries struggle to improve quality of their service delivery. Citizens also find it difficult to hold the government and other service providers accountable because they lack the know-how on the procedures and expectations that govern service providers’ performances. In addition to the disconnect it creates between citizens and service providers, its … Continue reading Citizens’ Charter Afghanistan Project (CCAP)

Fiscal Decentralization in Ethiopia

  Legal and Constitutional Framework Devolution of power, responsibilities, and resources from central to local governments has been the foundation of decentralization reforms in developing countries like Ethiopia. The 1995 Federal Constitution is the basic document that lays out the legal and institutional framework for decentralization in Ethiopia. The decentralization reforms focus on strengthening local governments as … Continue reading Fiscal Decentralization in Ethiopia