Spanish translations coming soon.

NEW: Mobile Version of the CLD Assessment Tool is available in both English and French!

NOTE: When you open the spreadsheet in Excel, it will initially open in protected mode, as it was downloaded from the Internet. You will need to change it to Edit mode to use it.

Practicing CLD: The CLD Assessment tool can be used as a self, peer or participatory review tool at various program junctures to determine how the programming aligns with CLD characteristics and undertake course corrections, as needed.


Pratique du DPC : L’Outil d’Évaluation du DPC peut être utilisé comme un outil d’auto-évaluation, d’évaluation par les pairs ou d’évaluation participative à différents moments du programme afin de déterminer comment la programmation s’aligne sur les caractéristiques du DPC et d’entreprendre des corrections de cours, si nécessaire.


We strongly recommend that first time users read the guidance document before using the tool. It explains the purpose of the tool, how to use it and provides case studies and examples.

Below is a short explainer video for how to use the CLD Assessment Tool, Excel version

Video created by Charlie Estes