Scoping Sub-Group

The Scoping sub-group was created to answer the following questions:

  • What is CLD and how does it appear during the lifecycle of a program? 
  • What is the current state of CLD programming? 

The group has created a CLD Assessment Tool for self, peer, or participatory review and developed a landscape of CLD practice based on 170+ programs across 65 countries.

The Scoping group used a process of inductive reasoning to identify the most important elements of community-led development. Using practitioner experience and literature reviews, the group agreed upon 11 characteristics of CLD. In an examination of how these characteristics appear in program life-cycles, the Scoping group designed the CLD Assessment Tool to enable self, peer or participatory review of CLD programs.


Research lead: Gunjan Veda, Movement for Community-led Development

Group Members (in alphabetical order): 

  • CHAIR: Holta Trandafili, World Vision 
  • Alexis Banks, Root Change
  • Alison Carlman, GlobalGiving
  • Brigitta Bode, Institute for State Effectiveness  
  • Diana Delgadillo, The Hunger Project Mexico
  • Elene Cloete, Outreach International
  • Janet Edmond, Conservation International  
  • Julie Carandang, (formerly) Nuru International 
  • Martha Cruz Zuniga, Catholic University of America
  • Nelly Mecklenburg, Institute for State Effectiveness
  • Randy Lyness, Global Communities

For further information on the scoping group or to provide feedback on the tool, please write to

  • Learn more about the work of the scoping group, major findings from the research and methodology here
  • A quick presentation on the learnings from the Research
  • Download the 11 characteristics of CLD: English or French
  • State of CLD Programming Report (coming Soon)

View the launch of the tool in November 2020: