National Associations Toolkit – 2b

Crafting your own National Association of the Movement for Community-led Development

All elements of the National Association should be co-created using participatory, inclusive methods. The process of co-creating the National Association is an opportunity to collectively develop a positive shared space that is aligned with the values and principles of community-led development. So take your time!

There is no right or wrong…no one way to collectively cultivate your National Association. All suggestions below are offered as possibilities, ways forward that may be helpful. However, within your cultural context, consider other ways people come together, including ideas that are best expressed in local languages. You are the “experts” of your own societies, the owners of your own shared dreams…let all that lead you to a transformed society and world.

This document includes many ideas and tools created by National Associations. Whenever possible, we provide examples, which you are welcome to adapt. (Click on the link, choose “File” and “Make a copy” so that you have a version you can edit.)