National Associations Toolkit – 2e

Internal Elements of Your National Association

Many National Associations choose to register as organizations within their countries

  • When appropriate, may also open a bank account.
  • High quality financial management processes are absolutely essential.

Some develop organization policies, to co-create as needed.

(Some of these are required by donors.)

  • Finance: Transparent, clearly documented, shared authority, checks and balance, regular statements generated
  • Child and Safeguarding: Includes training all staff and volunteers, and putting safeguarding processes into continuous action
  • Gender: All genders proactively welcomed, ideally promoting female leadership
  • Inclusion: Proactively including people with disabilities, people from all castes, races, ethnic, economic groups, speakers of varied languages, etc.
  • Procurement: Fair, value for money, prevent corruption and conflicts of interest
  • Human resources: Aligned with labor laws, and values and principles of CLD

Sample materials from the Uganda National Association:

Here are copies of their policies. Feel free to “make a copy” and adapt!

Here’s a call for consultant bids to help them create terms of reference and other key docs.