Youth Community Leadership: International Youth Day 2021

Young people provide the creativity and progressive thinking necessary to enact systems change. Engaging with young people and providing them voice and agency in policy dialogues is a huge step towards equitable growth. Young people are consistently one of the most vulnerable groups in society, but by sincerely including young people in the decision-making processes that affect them, we can help build resilience to crises and systems for growth and prosperity.

Watch below as young leaders from the Movement explain what the change is that they want to see in the world.

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Reports from Local Events!

  • International Day of the Girl Child: Reflections by Members of MCLD Kenya
    Young girls are tenacious, bold, creative, and courageous, and can transform their communities when they have the necessary power to make a difference. Girls play some of the most critical roles in supporting resilient communities, and at the same time are often the most vulnerable when communities are threatened. Community-led growth demands that girls are […]
  • 10 Learnings from MCLD Leaders on International Youth Day
    In the Movement for Community-led Development, we know that young people can transform their communities. Meaningfully including youth makes communities more resilient to crises, as youth are the key to lasting change.  We celebrate the power of youth voices. In our July monthly call, we had the opportunity to hear from three youth Movement members […]
  • July Monthly Call: Youth!
    MCLD is committed to powerfully including youth in our Movement. This month we heard from three youth Movement members on how youth are shifting the power across the globe. We also heard from our chapters as they prepare for International Youth Day (August 12). Speakers Left to Right: Alexandre Agbozoh-Guidih (Togo), Gloria Legorreta (Mexico), and […]
  • MCLD-Liberia hosts Youth Day Summit!
    The MCLD Liberia Youth  Chapter on August 12, 2021 hosted the World Youth Day Summit with about fifty (50) young adult youth  under the theme: Shift the power subtopic VISION TO LEAD.