A Facilitators’ Guide to Participatory Workshops with NGOs/CBOs Responding to HIV/AIDS

Description: This guide does not attempt to explore how participatory approaches can be applied to different aspects of HIV/AIDS work. The Alliance documents this information in the form of toolkits (training
manuals) on specific subjects. These toolkits include examples of participatory tools and activities which can be used to help people discuss different issues. Instead, this guide aims to be an “ideas book” of shared experiences to help facilitators prepare for participatory workshops. This
guide may also be useful to people who facilitate meetings and planning activities using participatory techniques.

Quick Tip: The focus on participatory approaches and the tips on the side columns can be useful. The real-life photos rather than the standard cartoon illustrations featured in this manual is also refreshing.

Creator: Alliance

Link: http://www.lupinworks.com/roche/workshops/Participatory_Workshops.pdf

Number of Pages: 20