A Facilitators’ Guide to Participatory Workshops with NGOs/CBOs Responding to HIV/AIDS

Description: This guide does not attempt to explore how participatory approaches can be applied to different aspects of HIV/AIDS work. The Alliance documents this information in the form of toolkits (trainingmanuals) on specific subjects. These toolkits include examples of participatory tools and activities which can be used to help people discuss different issues. Instead, this … Continue reading A Facilitators’ Guide to Participatory Workshops with NGOs/CBOs Responding to HIV/AIDS

The Art of Facilitation: Changing the Way the World Meets

Description: Hampshire College alum Jay W. Vogt founded Peoplesworth, a private practice in organizational development, in 1982 and he has facilitated thousands of meetings and retreats since. Jay is the author of Recharge Your Team: The Grounded Visioning Approach and Board Roles to Board Goals: Creating an Annual Board Workplan. In this talk he discusses … Continue reading The Art of Facilitation: Changing the Way the World Meets

Guiding an Event Through to a Successful Conclusion

Description: So you've been asked to facilitate a meeting. What does that mean exactly? Do you just ensure that everyone's introduced, and maybe kick off with a quick ice breaker exercise? Is your main role simply to stand by the flip chart and note down all the ideas? What preparation do you need to do? How do you … Continue reading Guiding an Event Through to a Successful Conclusion

Community Engagement

Description: There have been growing calls for service providers to seek greater community engagement in the design and delivery of services. However there is no consensus as to what this involves, and there appears to be a gap between the rhetoric and the reality of community engagement. This paper seeks to clarify what community engagement … Continue reading Community Engagement

Learning Solutions: Online Facilitation Cards

Description: These facilitation cards are a set of printable and digital images that can be used to visually facilitate meetings, workshops, and learning events taking place online. There are three versions that can be used separately or combined, depending on the context:■ Smartphone version (people show their phone screens to their webcams).■ Print-out version (Printing … Continue reading Learning Solutions: Online Facilitation Cards

Remote Humanitarian Facilitation

Description: This note is intended to guide international and nationaloperational actors on how to adapt and think about remotefacilitation in the context of, and after, COVID-19. It provides asnapshot of key takeaways from existing research, and drawstogether emerging learning and guidance. HumanitarianAdvisory Group (HAG) and Caritas Australia collaborated onthis note, drawing on our experience in … Continue reading Remote Humanitarian Facilitation

Facilitation Guide

Description: This is a guide for facilitating a presentation and discussion of the training film ―To Serve with Pride: Zero Tolerance for Sexual Exploitation and Abuse. The film addresses the problem of sexual exploitation and abuse by UN staff and related personnel as well as NGO personnel. It is a useful tool to better understand … Continue reading Facilitation Guide

Comprehensive Guide for Facilitator Training

Description: This facilitator guide is for training yourself to lead a group through a learning session, even if you’re not an expert on the subject or an experienced teacher. Quick Tip: This guide is an easier read than a handbook but not as detailed. It gives an overall summary of what is required for facilitators … Continue reading Comprehensive Guide for Facilitator Training

Train the Trainers

Description: Have you taken care of all the logistics for your upcoming workshop? Do you have all the materials readily available? How can trainings be planned, organised and carried out effectively? This is a perspective for trainers and facilitators which supports them to carry out workshops, trainings and capacity development courses based on the SSWM Toolbox. It … Continue reading Train the Trainers

Facilitation Step by Step

Description: The idea of this learning companion is to support your self-development as a professional, to help you find your definition of a facilitator through observation, practice, or individual work. What you save here represents in sum our portfolio of competencies and your characteristics. The companion helps you to collect experience and makes it accessible … Continue reading Facilitation Step by Step