What’s that? Material for Facilitation

Introduction: “Every time I facilitate I make a Materials and Equipment List. This is for me to think through exactly what we need on hand, and also to share with a partner or host when you are sourcing these items locally. This is a two column list that can be an aggregated list of everything needed for the whole event, or can be broken down by session. For procurement, the aggregated list is easier to use and share.”

Quick Tip: A post written by a reputable association about facilitation materials. It is a quick read but can be handy for meeting facilitation in any development sector. This post includes ideas like laptops/projectors, which may not be feasible. However, it also includes feasible material ideas such as colored stickers, dots, etc.

Link: https://www.iaf-world.org/site/global-flipchart/8/material-mehers

Creator: International Association for Facilitators

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