Highlights of 2020: The Pandemic is a Portal

Raj Kumar of DEVEX summarized the year 2020, saying that while the COVID-19 pandemic had set back development progress by perhaps a decade, it had accelerated the transformation of development by a decade. The Movement for Community-led Development (MCLD) witnessed this first hand. As outside “experts” were pulled out of villages and towns around the … Continue reading Highlights of 2020: The Pandemic is a Portal

Measurement Tools for CLD

At the November 25, 2020 Monthly Global Zoom Call, we introduced two new tools: Catholic Relief Services presented their Mini-Social Cohesion Barometer and our Scoping Subgroup introduced their CLD Assessment tool. Click here to learn more about the CLD Assessment Tool. Click here to learn more about the Mini-Social Cohesion Barometer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qPYu-YoPO-k

Citizens’ Charter

Recording and notes from today's global call of the Movement for Community-led Development featuring the Citizens' Charter National Priority Program of Afghanistan, and government-implemented CLD programs in Indonesia and Uzbekistan. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ONw6BpgVoV4 Presenters: Mr. Mujeeb Habib, Head of Capacity Development, Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development, Afghanistan Ms. Nani Zulminarni, Founder and Director, Pekka (Female Headed … Continue reading Citizens’ Charter

Peer Learning Across Countries

Our national chapters comprise more than 1,000 community-based organizations and many networks. Each month they meet at the national and global level -- often with topical guest speakers. This month chapter leaders themselves presented strategies and priorities, and Benin presented a case study of successful influence with the health ministry and Benin's national response strategy. … Continue reading Peer Learning Across Countries

Social Accountability and CLD

On June 30, 2020, representatives from the Movement for Community-led Development facilitated a webinar hosted the Global Partnership for Social Accountability entitled "Community-led Development and Social Accountability: Mobilizing Community Response to Covid-19." The 90-minute webinar was attended by 128 participants from around the world. https://player.vimeo.com/video/434073464

Accountability Counsel

On this month's global call of the Movement for Community-led Development, our special presenters were Natalie Bridgeman Fields, founder and executive director of Accountability Counsel, and Samer Araabi, research director whose SSIR article at this link brought us together. To download the slide deck or see it full screen, click the >> at right. Natalie's … Continue reading Accountability Counsel

Unicef’s new Minimum Standards for Community Engagement

A founding goal of our Movement has been to raise the profile of Community-led Development in mainstream development discourse. Unicef has taken a major step in that direction by developing and launching standards and indicators for community engagement in its programs. We were delighted to welcome Rania Elessawi, Communication for Development Specialist (Planning and Monitoring) … Continue reading Unicef’s new Minimum Standards for Community Engagement