Practicing CLD: A Training on How to Use the CLD Assessment Tool

By Janet Kassim, Intern at the Movement for Community-led Development On Tuesday, May 25th, 2021 at 8 AM EDT, a group of about 26 chapter members, program designers, and program implementers from different organizations, time zones, countries, and continents connected virtually on Zoom for MCLD’s first official training on the CLD Assessment tool organized by … Continue reading Practicing CLD: A Training on How to Use the CLD Assessment Tool

Measurement Tools for CLD

At the November 25, 2020 Monthly Global Zoom Call, we introduced two new tools: Catholic Relief Services presented their Mini-Social Cohesion Barometer and our Scoping Subgroup introduced their CLD Assessment tool. Click here to learn more about the CLD Assessment Tool. Click here to learn more about the Mini-Social Cohesion Barometer

Mini-Social Cohesion Barometer

On our November 25, 2020 Global Call, Robert (Bob) Groelsema and Bridget Kimball will present CRS’ newly published, “Mini-Social Cohesion Barometer (mini-SCB).” The mini-SCB grew out of a series of workshops attended by Christians, Muslims, civil servants, and civil society and business leaders in war-torn Central African Republic (CAR). Participants eagerly embraced the tool because … Continue reading Mini-Social Cohesion Barometer

“Transform or Die”

Notes and recordings from our July 2020 Monthly Call Our featured speaker this month was Danny Sriskandarajah, chief executive of Oxfam GB and former head of Civicus, a global alliance dedicated to strengthening civil society around the world. Danny described the transformation underway at Oxfam -- towards a future where their current program countries are … Continue reading “Transform or Die”

The Pill vs Gender-based Violence

Tenth in a series for 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-based Violence. Photo: December 4 - On this day in 1961, Britain’s National Health Service first made oral contraception available. Despite opposition from the Catholic Church and some other religious groups, a 2012 study by the Guttmacher Institute found that 99% of all women … Continue reading The Pill vs Gender-based Violence

Promoting Community-Led Development In Nigeria

Building a Chapter for the Movement of Community-led Development in Nigeria TOBI OLAIYA MAY 10, 2018 PROMOTING COMMUNITY-LED DEVELOPMENT IN NIGERIA INTRODUCTION Development programs have followed a top-down approach with majority of the inputs for projects coming from outsiders who do not have adequate knowledge of the problems faced by locals. Outside actors including governmental, … Continue reading Promoting Community-Led Development In Nigeria