Remote Humanitarian Facilitation

Description: This note is intended to guide international and national
operational actors on how to adapt and think about remote
facilitation in the context of, and after, COVID-19. It provides a
snapshot of key takeaways from existing research, and draws
together emerging learning and guidance. Humanitarian
Advisory Group (HAG) and Caritas Australia collaborated on
this note, drawing on our experience in jointly facilitating
and participating in a four-day online event as part of Caritas’
international program strategic development in April 2020.
The note contributes to a guidance series on remote working
produced as part of the Humanitarian Horizons research

Quick Tip: This resource is sectioned off by themes such as inclusion or empowerment and includes practical action tips in each. It is a highly organized set of material that can be beneficial for facilitators working in humanitarian aid projects.

Creator: Humanitarian Horizons Research Program.


Number of Pages: 14