RedR UK Training

Description: This three-day CPD Accredited course combines theory and practice to help you understand the fundamentals of training and facilitation and develop competencies to aid you in becoming a more effective trainer. You will learn from experience, observation, and feedback in highly participatory activities. The skills you learn during the course will immediately be put … Continue reading RedR UK Training

Mutual Aid Disaster Relief Facilitation Guide

Description: It is important to note that this is a living document. What you are reading now is a rough draft, and it is only one version of how this could be done. The current tour team is making many changes as they work with different groups and integrate lessons and feedback, and surely you … Continue reading Mutual Aid Disaster Relief Facilitation Guide

Remote Humanitarian Facilitation

Description: This note is intended to guide international and nationaloperational actors on how to adapt and think about remotefacilitation in the context of, and after, COVID-19. It provides asnapshot of key takeaways from existing research, and drawstogether emerging learning and guidance. HumanitarianAdvisory Group (HAG) and Caritas Australia collaborated onthis note, drawing on our experience in … Continue reading Remote Humanitarian Facilitation