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  • What’s Next for MCLD Chapters Across the Globe?
    June 29th marks the halfway mark in an amazing year for community-led development.  What have we each achieved? What is our highest priority by the end of 2022?  What messages should MCLD take to the July UN Review of the SDGs? Participants in MCLD’s June Global Call heard about a new 3-year campaign in Ghana to strengthen local […]
  • MCLD at the European Evaluation Society Conference
    To #ShiftThePower in international development, we need to ensure data is by the people, of the people, and for the people. For too long our monitoring and evaluation systems have been extractive processes, designed to fill out reports for development partners (aka funders). As we re-examine what monitoring and evaluation should look like in the […]
  • USAID Meets with MCLD-Kenya
    “I’m Here to Listen and Explore How USAID Can Work Closely with Local Organizations” Michele Sumilas, USAID’s Assistant Administrator while Meeting Kenya’s CBOs On May 27, 2022, Movement for Community-Led Development (MCLD) Kenya Chapter hosted USAID’s delegation led by Ms. Michele Sumilas, Assistant to the Administrator of the Bureau for Policy, Planning, and Learning (PPL). […]
  • Reflection: The Story of the Movement for Community-Led Development in Sierra Leone
    By: Lansana Kondeh and Aiah MarrahJune 3, 2022 The Movement for Community-Led Development in Sierra Leone began discussions among individuals in April 2019, Mansofinia Agric Farmers Organization started contacting both signed up members and interested members to start face to face meetings in Freetown, fortunately, the Sierra Leone Association of Non-Governmental Organizations consented to offer […]
  • Domestic Resource Mobilization Course In Partnership with the Change the Game Academy 
    Beginning in July, MCLD will offer a six-part course on Domestic Resource Mobilization, led by Master Trainer Sharon Olang of Change the Game Academy. (CTG) This participatory, customized course will enroll members of our National Chapters and other civil society leaders from around the world. Change the Game “aims to change the ‘rules’ of the development game: transferring power to communities […]
  • Ending Hunger and CLD
    On May 25, 2022 the Movement for Community-led Development discussed our role in ending world hunger. This call leads up to the World Hunger Day social media campaign on May 28. The Hunger Project recently conducted a comprehensive literature review on the causal links between CLD and ending hunger. We encourage you to review the […]
  • Coming to Terms: CDD, CLD, LLD and More
    Where did all the “localization” terms come from and what are the differences?  In the Movement for Community-led Development we care very much about these differences. People tend to use them sloppily, or interchangeably in ways that undermine the important distinctions they stand for. They increasingly use the broader term “Shift the Power” (#ShiftThePower) first […]
  • Strengthening Capacity for CLD
    The April 2022 Monthly Call focused on a key priority for the Movement — strengthening the capacity of our national chapters and civil society in general — and how the CLD Assessment Tool can support that goal. We hear experiences from seven members in five countries: Outreach International : Cassidy Miller Global Fund for Children: […]
  • Reflection on Webinar: Challenges to Shifting the Power
    #ShiftThePower is becoming one of international development’s most prominent buzzwords. There is widespread consensus that currently, power is in the hands of donors and international NGOs…
  • Skoll World Forum Event: Community-Led Development for a Partnership-Based Society
    We partnered with OneVillage Partners to co-host an event at the Skoll World Forum! Together, we unpacked buzzwords like localization and capacity strengthening. It is essential to #ShiftThePower from the traditional binary of “experts” imposing knowledge on the “non-experts” for participatory #CommunityLed development. We heard the exciting journeys of community-led development champions, ranging from community leaders in […]
  • NGO CSW Parallel Event: Climate Disruptors
    We have all heard of Greta Thunberg, but did you know thousands of young women around the world are also taking action for Climate Justice? On March 23, the Movement for Community-led Development co-hosted a Parallel Event to the 2022 UN Commission on the Status of Women diving into how four young women are engaging […]
  • Why CLD?
  • Celebrating Women and the Environment in Benin
    Some 100 women celebrated International Women’s Day in forest — emphasizing the importance of gender equality to environmental sustainability. The event was organized by the the national women’s association and The Hunger Project, and it received coverage (below) in the national media.
  • Next Steps for CLD in Kenya!
    The Kenya chapter of the Movement for Community-led Development (CLD) met today with Governor Kibwana of Makueni County and several members of his team to discuss next steps in our five-year partnership. A key milestone is to pilot and institutionalize a “School for CLD” inspired by the successful pioneering of this approach in Mexico. During […]
  • My Introduction to CLD: Unlearning What I Thought I Knew About Development
    Blog Post by Ibrahim Sultan, Research and Advocacy Intern, MCLD Before beginning my internship with the Movement for Community-Led Development (MCLD or the Movement), I thought I understood what International Development and working to make the lives of people around the world better meant. I now know that I did not, at least not fully. […]
  • Challenges to #ShiftThePower
    Power dynamics within the development sector have been under scrutiny for years and advocates for change have long called for the decolonization of aid. The emergence of movements for shifting the power calling for community-led development and local ownership has breathed new life into the debate. However, little progress has been made in changing deep-rooted structural inequalities. We partnered with The Hunger Project Sweden to co-host a […]
  • USAID publishes piece on our CLD Tools: “Don’t Let M&E Walk Alone”
    Originally published February 22, 2022 by the USAID Learning Lab at this link. Community-led development (CLD) is quickly becoming one of international development’s most prominent buzzwords. International NGOs, private donors, and governments all over the world are examining ways to realign their development efforts with principles that emphasize the role of participants and communities at […]
  • MCLD-Kenya and County Government of Makueni move to deepen CLD
    The Movement for Community-led Development (MCLD) and County Government of Makueni (CGM) held a joint workshop (February 28-March 1,2022) to develop an annual workplan to implement the memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed between MCLD and CGM on September 30 2021. Through this collaboration, MCLD will strengthen the capacity of the county to upscale its community-led […]
  • Strengthening Community Resilience and Gender Equity
    In preparation for International Women’s Day (March 8th), February’s Global Monthly Call focused on two of our five Movement goals – Voice for women in decision making and strengthening community resilience to climate change and other shocks.  Panelists: Danielle Jolicoeur, Global Resilience Director, Mercy Corps  Samuel Mutambo, National Program Director THP Zambia & MCLD Zambia […]
  • Special Monitoring Workshop with ITPC
    Community-led Monitoring puts community members in the driver’s seat of bringing about change. In this workshop, the International Treatment Preparedness Coalition shared their methodology on conducting effective Community-led Monitoring. We started with the principles of Community-led Monitoring and then look at successful examples of how it can be done in different countries and contexts through breakout groups. The group then concluded the […]
  • New short video from the Uganda National Chapter
    The Hunger Project-Uganda has produced a beautiful short video on Community-led Development that highlights our #1 goal of ensuring the inclusion of women, youth and marginalized groups such as persons with disabilities.
  • Watch! #ShiftThePower means #ShiftTheMoney!
    Today, MCLD hosted our Side Event for the UN Commission on Social Development on Financing Community-led Action for Inclusive, Resilient Post-Covid-19 Recovery. Resilience is inherently a community-level attribute as community leaders are always the first responders to any shock. Yet, many local governments in low-income countries and community-based organizations lack any reliable source for core […]
  • Open Letter to Mark Suzman
    Dear Mark, Congratulations on publishing your first Annual Letter. It provides an important insight into the way you, your new board, and your team at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are viewing the world and the challenges we face.  As your letter demonstrates, the COVID-19 pandemic has been THE story your first two years […]
  • Opinion: As USAID adjusts, make sure local means local
    By John Coonrod, Gunjan Veda Published to Devex on 24 January 2022 Featured Photo: USAID LCD Policy Cover Page. On December, weeks after USAID Administrator Samantha Power announced her new vision for global development, the U.S. Agency for International Development released its new draft policy on Local Capacity Development. This policy represents a major mindset shift in how USAID plans to […]
  • Video: Focus on Capacity Strengthening
    On January 26, 2022 Movement members gathered on Zoom to explore one of the most important requests of community-based organizations: opportunities to strengthen their capacity to organize for effective action. Our speakers set the stage for vibrant breakout room exploration of what we could achieve together in 2022! Come back soon for a summary of […]
  • The Pandemic & Gender-Based Violence
    We opened 2022 with the 15th call in our Adapting CLD Processes to COVID-19 series. This time, we talked about gender-based violence, which is something our participants had asked to discuss at the end of last year. We heard from our colleagues around the world on how the pandemic augmented gender-based violence, how organizations have […]
  • MCLD’s Top Moments of 2021
    The Community-Led Development community has reached new milestones in a challenging year! The traction for CLD has been unpredictably high in 2021. We are grateful to our members and friends for your dedication to shifting the power from top-down to community-led. Join us in celebrating our top moments of 2021 to Shift The Power.  We […]
  • National Chapters Develop Strategies for 2022
    December 15, 2021 – At its last monthly meeting of 2021, members from around the world heard from experts on key priorities for 2022 and discussed the “three pillars” of their strategies for 2022.
  • Health for All Advocacy Toolkit
    The Health for All Advocacy Toolkit provides national-level civil society organizations (CSOs) and health networks with the necessary resources to kick-start advocacy initiatives on universal health coverage (UHC). It offers advocates a central reference point—a ‘one-stop shop’ for key information and tools to advocate for UHC, hold policy-makers accountable for their commitments, and build a broad social […]
  • Cross Learning Workshop involving the Togo and Benin MCLD Chapters
    Leaders from two West Africa chapters held a first joint in-person workshop to deepen their understanding of CLD and review progress.
  • All Democracy is Local
    A side event to the Summit for Democracy – December 6, 2021 A famous US politician once said “All politics is local.” By this he meant that the success of any political system depends on responding to local needs. Article 21 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights establishes that every person has a right […]
  • Climate Action: Engaging with Governors at the “Devolution Conference”
    MCLD Kenya participated in the Devolution Conference 2021 (November 23-26) where Kenya’s President H.E Uhuru Kenyatta was the headline speaker. Hosted by the Makueni County Government, this year’s conference was themed “Multi – level Governance for Climate Action” and sought to address how county governments can be supported to unlock the full potential of climate […]
  • Community-led Adaptation for Climate Change
    Climate change is the most urgent crisis facing the world as we head towards a future where as much as a third of global food production will be at risk without drastic action. Centering community voices in climate discourse is the only pathway to achieving climate goals and developing durable solutions to climate change and its far-reaching […]
  • Localizing Livelihoods: Our Best Chance in the War on Poverty
    Based on MCLD’s sector dialogue on Livelihoods, Research and Advocacy Intern Benjamin Goldberg prepared a position paper to further present the arguments for a community-led approach to livelihoods and SDG 1. Excerpt from Ben’s paper: Thus far, global and indeed national development efforts have been dominated by a top-down approach that imposes policies framed by […]
  • Nutrition for Growth Side Event: Community Ownership Key to Good Nutrition
    November 24, 2021 – More than 95 activists for community-led nutrition action met to emphasize key community-led strategies and share three case studies. Good nutrition requires not only affordable access to nutritious food, but an entire local system of community-owned programs – what has often been termed a “food environment.” As identified in the Lancet […]
  • Community-led Climate Action
    On our October 2021 global call and in preparation for the COP26 Climate Summit, the Movement for Community-led Development came together to distill their experiences.
  • Local Means Local: Community Leadership and Facilitation in CLD
    Local Means Local: Community Leadership and Facilitation in CLD, a two-part multi-lingual learning event to share the findings from phase 2 of our collaborative research. We shared the key findings, implications, and recommendations from a Rapid Realist Review of 56 community-led programs.
  • Catch Up with the National Chapters: September 2021
    Our National Chapters have had a busy month of strengthening their internal understanding and practice of community-led development.  The Liberia Chapter hosted a knowledge sharing event to launch a Farmer’s Learning and Action Group. The attention and excitement generated demonstrated the powerful convening role that our National Chapters have; 50 farmers participated and committed themselves […]
  • Exploring Dynamic, Community-led WASH Systems
    Millions of people around the world continue to suffer from inadequate access to safely managed water, sanitation and hygiene facilities. Our Dialogue on August 19th explores the importance of community-led approaches in achieving SDG #6 and improving global WASH planning and implementation. John Oldfield, Principal, Global Water 2020 John has two decades of experience in the nonprofit […]
  • Promoting Access to Justice Through Community-led Approaches
    There are about 5 billion people globally whose justice needs are unmet, including those who cannot obtain justice for everyday problems, those who are excluded from opportunities the law provides, and those who live in extreme conditions of injustice. While there are different justice systems in different parts of the world, this event will focus on how we can use community-led […]
  • Partnership with Makueni County
    September 30, 2021: Today Prof. Kivutha Kibwana, governor of Makueni County, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Movement for Community-led Development to work together to strengthen people’s participation in local governance. The next step will be to develop action plans and, in particular, explore the establishment of a School for Community-led Development, learning from […]
  • Citizen Engagement in Global Health
    In the 2030 Agenda established in 2015, the world community set bold commitments to “To ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.” (Sustainable Development Goal #3). It followed this up in 2019 with a commitment to Universal Health Coverage (UHC). In the UN System’s Global Action Plan, one of the seven […]
  • Engaging Governments
    Our September 2021 Global Call was a co-creation of principles for how CLD organizations can effectively engage governments. We were pleased to hear introductory remarks from Jeff Thindwa, Program Manager, Global Partnership for Social Accountability (GPSA). Ann Hendrix-Jenkins presented a framework for the discussion (see slides below) and then breakout groups each created 3-4 guiding […]
  • Strengthening Community-Led Health Systems
    On September 28, 2021, The Movement for Community-Led Development (MCLD) in partnership with the Canadian Partnership for Women and Children’s Health (CANWACH), organized a special dialogue on Strengthening Community-Led Development Health Systems. This was part of an ongoing series of Sector Dialogues being organized by MCLD in order to engage with sector experts to promote […]
  • Pandemics, Environment, and Communities
    This month’s Adapting CLD Covid-19 call was focused on the environment, what the pandemic has revealed about our relationship to the environment, and how climate change and the safeguarding of nature could be addressed through community-led development.  Moderators Gunjan Veda, Movement for Community-Led Development Nelly Mecklenburg, Institute for State Effectiveness Keynote Speakers David Bonnardeaux, Director of Environment, […]
  • Localizing Livelihoods: Expanding Opportunities in Communities
    The Movement’s second Sector Dialogue, Localizing Livelihoods: Expanding Opportunities in Communities, took place on September 16th. Watch the recording here: Our moderator for this event was Dr. Laté Lawson-Lartego (DBA)  Interim Co-Vice President, Global Program at Oxfam America. Panelists Facilitators Localizing Livelihoods: Expanding Opportunities in Communities On September 16, 2021, the Movement for Community-led Development organized […]
  • Implementing CLD in Makueni County Kenya
    August 26, 2021: Makueni County is a leader in citizen engagement in governance. Their governor was the keynote in the launch of the Kenya Chapter in 2019. Here, Mrs. Zipporah (“Zippy”) Wambua, Director of Public Participation and Citizen Engagement, presents their experience in Community-led Development.
  • What We Learned
    For the first time, our collaborative research team shared findings from a rapid realist review of 56 programs globally to understand how facilitation and community leadership enable food security for all.
  • MCLD-Liberia hosts Youth Day Summit!
    The MCLD Liberia Youth  Chapter on August 12, 2021 hosted the World Youth Day Summit with about fifty (50) young adult youth  under the theme: Shift the power subtopic VISION TO LEAD.
  • Collaborating with Governments During COVID-19
    Moderators Gunjan Veda, Movement for Community-Led Development Nelly Mecklenburg, Institute for State Effectiveness Keynote Speakers Dr. Daisy N. Owomugasho, MCLD East Africa Regional Director Samuel Mutambo, National Program Director for THP Zambia, MCLD Zambia Coordinator Tindi Sitati, Collaboration Learning and Adaptation Officer for Global Communities, Regional Secretary for AFRICOOP Consortium Introduction On August 4th, participants […]