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  • The Art of Facilitation: Changing the Way the World Meets

    The Art of Facilitation: Changing the Way the World Meets

    Description: Hampshire College alum Jay W. Vogt founded Peoplesworth, a private practice in organizational development, in 1982 and he has facilitated thousands of meetings and retreats since. Jay is the author of Recharge Your Team: The Grounded Visioning Approach and Board Roles to Board Goals: Creating an Annual Board Workplan. In this talk he discusses…

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  • Online Facilitation 101

    Online Facilitation 101

    Description: All of our workshops are rooted in our Direct Education approach. Our trainers center the group, building upon dynamics in the room and participants’ own experience to introduce new content and help the group access their own wisdom. Many of our public workshops are “training of trainers”; they’re designed for folks facilitating and training across contexts…

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  • The Partnership Toolbox A Facilitator’s Guide to Partnership Dialogue

    The Partnership Toolbox A Facilitator’s Guide to Partnership Dialogue

    Description: This manual is a guide to facilitating constructive discussion and dialogue with partners. It is based on the idea that partnership is a process and an ongoing journey. Rather than a set oftools to apply to partners, this manual lays out a process for CRS and partners to jointly explore the challenges they face.…

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  • Guiding an Event Through to a Successful Conclusion

    Guiding an Event Through to a Successful Conclusion

    Description: So you’ve been asked to facilitate a meeting. What does that mean exactly? Do you just ensure that everyone’s introduced, and maybe kick off with a quick ice breaker exercise? Is your main role simply to stand by the flip chart and note down all the ideas? What preparation do you need to do? How do you…

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  • Learning Solutions: Online Facilitation Cards

    Learning Solutions: Online Facilitation Cards

    Description: These facilitation cards are a set of printable and digital images that can be used to visually facilitate meetings, workshops, and learning events taking place online. There are three versions that can be used separately or combined, depending on the context:■ Smartphone version (people show their phone screens to their webcams).■ Print-out version (Printing…

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  • Integral Facilitator® Programs

    Integral Facilitator® Programs

    Description: The Integral Facilitator® training is a series of programs that combines the principles of masterful facilitation with leading insights from the fields of developmental psychology and Zen awareness together in an Integral approach. Quick Tip: A unique but paid training program that could give new insights into facilitation, especially those who are more experienced.…

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  • Comprehensive Guide for Facilitator Training

    Comprehensive Guide for Facilitator Training

    Description: This facilitator guide is for training yourself to lead a group through a learning session, even if you’re not an expert on the subject or an experienced teacher. Quick Tip: This guide is an easier read than a handbook but not as detailed. It gives an overall summary of what is required for facilitators…

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  • Train the Trainers

    Train the Trainers

    Description: Have you taken care of all the logistics for your upcoming workshop? Do you have all the materials readily available? How can trainings be planned, organised and carried out effectively? This is a perspective for trainers and facilitators which supports them to carry out workshops, trainings and capacity development courses based on the SSWM Toolbox. It…

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  • Facilitative Leadership

    Facilitative Leadership

    Photo by Zaini Izzuddin on Unsplash Description: Facilitative Leadership is a three-day workshop for both new and experienced leaders, managers, facilitators and graduate students who would like to develop or improve their facilitation skills. The workshop, originally developed by Michigan State University Extension, provides hands-on learning experience through fast-paced interactive tool-building activities and practical application…

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  • Developing Facilitation Skills

    Developing Facilitation Skills

    Photo by Christina @ on Unsplash Description: Learn how to plan well, keep members involved, and create real leadership opportunities in your organization and skills in your members. Quick Tip: This website guide is a quicker read that includes tips and tricks for facilitators. While it is not a training program, facilitators can use…

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  • How to Facilitate Participatory, Contextualized, and Impactful Events

    How to Facilitate Participatory, Contextualized, and Impactful Events

    Description: This Facilitation Handbook is intended to be used as a resource for planning participatory, contextualized and high-quality events. The fundamental facilitation skills and activities in this handbook are applicable in a variety of events, such as meetings, team-building retreats, skills-building workshops, design workshops and large forums. Quick Tip: This source is a comprehensive guide…

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  • Handbooks for Facilitators

    Handbooks for Facilitators

    Description: This database of handbooks includes Step Towards Action, Holistic Learning, The Everyday Beyond, Creativity Handbook, and Facilitation Step by Step. These COMPETENDO handbooks for facilitators can be accessed as PDFs and hard copies. Quick Tip: This database provides an easy-to-access, organized package of 5 distinct handbooks that supplement each other and covers a wide…

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  • Facilitation Step by Step

    Facilitation Step by Step

    Description: The idea of this learning companion is to support your self-development as a professional, to help you find your definition of a facilitator through observation, practice, or individual work. What you save here represents in sum our portfolio of competencies and your characteristics. The companion helps you to collect experience and makes it accessible…

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  • What’s that? Material for Facilitation

    What’s that? Material for Facilitation

    Introduction: “Every time I facilitate I make a Materials and Equipment List. This is for me to think through exactly what we need on hand, and also to share with a partner or host when you are sourcing these items locally. This is a two column list that can be an aggregated list of everything needed…

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  • Facilitation Skills Training: Managing Difficult Meeting Personalities

    Facilitation Skills Training: Managing Difficult Meeting Personalities

    Description: Keynote Speaker and Corporate Trainer Dana Brownlee shares practical, effective tips for how to handle difficult personalities in your meetings. Quick Tip: This is a fun, visually aesthetic, and easy-to-follow video specifically about conflicts and managing difficult personalities. It includes descriptions of the Round Robin and the Compliment/Document/Pivot techniques. Creator: Dana Brownlee Link:…

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  • Lean Facilitator Skills: Applying Psychology “In The Moment”

    Lean Facilitator Skills: Applying Psychology “In The Moment”

    Description: Accompanying slides: Quick Tip: This is a webinar on facilitation from a psychological perspective (body language, resistance, and noticing demeanor). It offers an interesting discussion from a unique lens that is unexplored in other resources. Creator: TKMG Academy, Inc. Link: Video Length: 88 minutes

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  • How to Be a Great Facilitator

    How to Be a Great Facilitator

    Description: In this video, we’ll examine a 5-step facilitation process to help you improve your facilitation skills. We’ll also look at some common problems you might encounter when facilitating a meeting and show how you can handle each of them. Companion Article: Quick Tip: This video provides a discussion of a 5-step facilitation technique…

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