Highlights of 2020: The Pandemic is a Portal

Raj Kumar of DEVEX summarized the year 2020, saying that while the COVID-19 pandemic had set back development progress by perhaps a decade, it had accelerated the transformation of development by a decade. The Movement for Community-led Development (MCLD) witnessed this first hand. As outside “experts” were pulled out of villages and towns around the … Continue reading Highlights of 2020: The Pandemic is a Portal

Measurement Tools for CLD

At the November 25, 2020 Monthly Global Zoom Call, we introduced two new tools: Catholic Relief Services presented their Mini-Social Cohesion Barometer and our Scoping Subgroup introduced their CLD Assessment tool. Click here to learn more about the CLD Assessment Tool. Click here to learn more about the Mini-Social Cohesion Barometer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qPYu-YoPO-k

Mini-Social Cohesion Barometer

On our November 25, 2020 Global Call, Robert (Bob) Groelsema and Bridget Kimball will present CRS’ newly published, “Mini-Social Cohesion Barometer (mini-SCB).” The mini-SCB grew out of a series of workshops attended by Christians, Muslims, civil servants, and civil society and business leaders in war-torn Central African Republic (CAR). Participants eagerly embraced the tool because … Continue reading Mini-Social Cohesion Barometer

Collective Impact

Title slide of presentation.

https://youtu.be/5Sug1COt3ww November 2019 monthly global meeting of the Movement for Community-led Development, featuring a tutorial on Collective Impact 3.0 and the Water of System Change by Ann Hendrix-Jenkins, reports from participants at six international conferences, and news from East and West Africa country chapters. Click here to view the slide deck!

Capacity Development

2019-02-27 Special Learning Event https://youtu.be/k8bb_Q6m04w Full recording This was the first Learning Session organized by the newly-formed CLD Learning Working Group, which evolved from the Locus Learning Working Group. Co-chairs: Matt Lineal (Nuru International) and Sia Nowrojee (3D Program for Girls and Women) Brian Viani, Leadership & Training Strategic Advisor, Nuru International, From ‘Capacity Building’ … Continue reading Capacity Development